Reclaimed Beads & Handmade Jewellery

Reclaimed Beads & Handmade Jewellery

This is what's kept me sane through what's been an incredibly tough time for everyone.  I know I don't need to tell anyone about the challenges of day to day life in recent times.

The satisfaction you get from hand making jewellery has taken me completely by surprise.  Something turning out how you pictured it in your head is the most amazing feeling.

The choice to use reclaimed or used beads fit with our ethos of ethical and sustainable practices.  There are so many beautiful beads floating around our op shops and garage sales, you just need to look and if we can keep them out of land fill or from ending up in the ocean then all the better.

It might seem to some that this is a bit of a cheapskate way of doing things but it's far more labour intensive than just buying straight off the shelf new.  First you have to find them, then reclaim them ie. remove them from whatever piece they're currently attached to and they're normally pretty dirty so then they need a good clean up.  Then comes the sorting and storing...

That part gets a bit tedious.

Not all our beads are used though.  Things like crimp beads and findings are hard to get in really good condition but I do reuse them when I can.

I try to work with natural fibers like hemp and cotton cords as much as possible but they do have their limitations especially when you're working with smaller beads.  Of course they work great for braiding or macrame.  My favorite thing at the moment is a simple 8 strand braid.  It's a simple pattern which I love but it's very unforgiving if it's not just right.  There's nowhere to hide.

While you're here head over the check out our collection and stay tuned for new designs coming soon.

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So many ideas so little time.



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