Let's Talk About Ethics

Let's Talk About Ethics

According to the dictionary, Ethics (noun) are the moral principles that govern a person's behaviour or the conducting of an activity.

I'm not going to explore the philosophy of morality or anything that deep but I do have a question.  Do you know if the people who made the clothes you're wearing were there of their own free will and earned a fair wage doing it?

When I set out on this ride I didn't have a clue about a lot of things involved in this process but I had one core value at the forefront of my mind.  Our products shouldn't take advantage of, or exploit the vulnerable in the trip along the supply chain.

We chose the Stanley/Stella brand for our range of kid's t-shirts.  They are 100% organic cotton, Fair Wear, GOTS and Confidence in Textiles certified.

You can read more about their certifications here:


AS Colour is the brand we use for our adult range. They carry out regular audits of their factories and are certified Child Labour Free.


Another interesting read is the Baptist World Aid Australia 2019 Ethical Fashion Report.  The full report can be downloaded here:


Don't think for a second I'm finger pointing.  I'm also a consumer and love a good dose of retail therapy.  Companies and brands also have the right to make a profit but I think we as consumers need to give a lot more thought to what the cost is to those employed (or possibly enslaved) to manufacture their products.

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